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CCL is one of Europe’s leading digital investigation specialists, supporting law enforcement, government and organisations across both public and private sectors. We bring together digital forensics, discovery and disclosure, and cyber security to help you find, protect and transform your data. CCL is trusted by organisations around the world. And given the high stakes nature of our work, whether it’s supporting criminal prosecutions or safeguarding corporate worth, trust is everything. We’ve worked hard to earn it, blending stand-out technical capabilities with core values and qualities – integrity, intelligence, diligence, doggedness, a healthy obsession with detail, a complete focus on delivering the right outcomes.

Data is at the heart of everything we do. Whether we’re tasked to discover, protect or transform it, we have the skills, services and scale to respond assuredly, promptly and cost-effectively. The focus and the quality are there in our advanced data forensics that transcend industry norms; are there in our processes that meet the Courts’ highest evidential standards; are there in our rich suite of information governance, discovery and data analytics solutions; and are there in one of the UK’s most sophisticated cyber security operations. We may be dedicated to data but we are driven by relationships.

CCL is a proud partner and advisor to law enforcement, government agencies, and corporates and organisations both in the UK and around the world. We’re backed by a 20-year pedigree that has seen us become the digital forensic service provider of choice to the Metropolitan Police, the National Crime Agency and UK police forces. There is no greater validation of our quality, approach and ability, and that gold standard defines all our work across the public and private sector.

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July 29, 2021
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