About us

When you are looking for a new job, do you search on “eDiscovery”, “e-Discovery”, “Litigation support”, or “Document review support”?
This is not me trying to tell you which term is factually correct (it’s still an ongoing debate if it’s “ediscovery” or “e-discovery”!), but trust me that the big job sites will not know the difference… Nothing more frustrating than realizing months too late that your dream job used a slightly different vocabulary than what you were searching for!
This is one of the many problem’s we’re trying to solve with eDiscovery.jobs

Our goal is simple: To let job seekers connect directly with eDiscovery employers in the most efficient manner.

I hear you thinking: “That’s nice but what does it mean?”
Well, it means:
1. Employers post jobs
2. You specify your region, your skills, or one of the other many filters
3. You find a job that you like and apply

No nonsense, no middlemen, no mandatory accounts, and absolutely no fee for applicants ever!
That’s it!

There are some other focus points of course, like data privacy and our emphasis on remote jobs. If you would like to know more then please keep reading. If not then happy job hunting!
These are our 14 key features:

1. Connect directly with employers
I understand the value of recruiting agents, I was discovered by one for my last job after all. Some employers are restricted to using agents because of regulations, or because they simply have no time to recruit themselves.

This website, however, is only for employers and candidates. We believe that an external recruiting agent is not necessary for the majority of employers if you present job seekers with an efficient way of finding them. Recruiting agent freelancers that are salaried or contracted by the company are more than welcome to post here, but with full transparency.

Have a look at our FAQ for the current rules for posting jobs

2. No mandatory accounts or subscription for job seekers, ever.
Potential candidates can apply directly to the company, you will never need to set up an account to do this.

3. No fees for job seekers, ever
The last thing you want when you lose your job is to pay a fee to apply for a new job. We will not charge applicants a fee. Ever!

4. Limitation to eDiscovery (Litigation support) and Legal Document Review roles.
We will only present you with jobs limited to the field of eDiscovery and Legal Document Review. This also includes support staff, IT, software engineers, lawyers, and other roles. As long as the company or team is active in the field. We will allow close affiliates like Legal Project Managers and Forensic Specialists as well if they are involved with eDiscovery or document review on a daily basis.

The platform is entirely focused on the types or roles and skills you might expect in eDiscovery and Legal Document review. Here are some examples:

When creating a job listing, the employer is presented with several categories, of which the employer can pick 1 to 3 such as:

In addition, a new job listing has several more options to specify key aspects of job even further. One unique feature are “Job tags”, which are certificates, skills, and experience with certain vendors that an employer might consider important. In the example below, you can see that the employer expects both CEDS and RCA certification, experience with Nuix processing, and CAL.

5. Focus on privacy: We do not store resumes or have insights into resumes send to employers.
We strongly believe that resumes are very personal and should not be shared or kept in a database of a company or website, other then the company you’re applying for.
When using the contact form application, the resume will be uploaded and briefly saved on our systems before sending it to the employer. Directly after sending it will be removed permanently.

6. Focus on privacy: Hosted in Europe. GDPR and CalOPPA compliant
We will only save user data which is absolutely necessary. For a job site that hosts no resumes, it’s not that much:

Employers: We will save your email address. Once we start charging fees we will save your billing information as well.
Applicants: We don’t save any user information.
Applicants (Job Alerts): We only require your email address.

Furthermore, we encourage you to send us any DSAR requests if you want to have insights in your data, we are prepared for this.

7. Focus on security and technology: Best in class hosting and software
We have built this platform on the best technology there is to offer in terms of security and performance:
– Hosted by Kinsta, a leading hosting provider.
– CMS by WordPress and WP Job manager. WP Job manager is an official plugin from Automattic, which is WordPress.com’s parent company. Both WordPress and WP Job manager get regular security and content updates
– Purchasing job packages is handled by Woocommerce, also an official plugin from Automattic. This is currently turned off until we start charging fees
– We are currently considering our options for payment processing but we are leaning towards Stripe, which is a leading payment provider and has great integration with Woocommerce

Furthermore, all admin accounts have mandatory 2 factor authentication to ensure that your data is safe. The website is protected by Cloudflare against DDOS and other attacks.

8. Working Remote and Work from home
As of writing, we are in the middle of the Coronavirus quarantine and the majority of eDiscovery professionals are working from home. We expect that working from home or working 100% remotely will be the new standard, even when the quarantine has lifted. This is why we highlight remote jobs on a separate page, and we have integrated a “Remote” field when creating a job listing with three options:
– Remote (100%)
– Remote, but an office is available (For companies that offer both)
– Work from home is allowed

9. Easy applications
We think that an extensive cover letter is not necessary anymore in 2020, and have created an alternative for every employer who chooses application by email.
The applicant will be presented a minimal form, where they can fill in their personal information and the following optional field:
“Describe your current/last role in max 3 sentences”

We believe that this description should suffice for any modern job application. But, like almost everything else on this website we like to give you options, so the applicant can add more information as he/she wishes.
Sending a resume is also completely optional, we want to give the applicant the option to start a conversation first.

10. Track job opportunities in your preferred way
There are several ways for a job seeker to stay up to date on new opportunities:

A. Our LinkedIn groups
We will update our LinkedIn groups with every new job listed on the website. Check them out:

eDiscovery/Lit support roles: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8942083/

Attorney roles: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8947073/

B. Twitter
All jobs listed on the website will be automatically posted on our twitter: https://twitter.com/eDiscoveryJobs_

C. Job Alerts and Bookmarks
You can receive automated emails on new jobs from select searches and regions. This requires an account on our website, but there is no need to share any personal information other than your email address.
With Bookmarks, you can save an interesting job to respond on a later date.

11. No ads, minimal tracking & cookies
We don’t believe in the added value of ads and instead will start charging a reasonable fee for job listings after the website leaves beta.
We will not place any unwarranted cookies on this platform. We will limit cookies to basic functionality like visitor statistics.

12. Almost everything is optional
We want to give employers choice. Choice to design their job listings to their liking. We have several fields that can be useful to fill in for your job listing, but almost none of them are mandatory.
A good example is a salary, some companies wish to share a base salary with potential applicants, while other companies prefer it to be negotiable. The choice is entirely up to you!

13. Detailed statistics
Employers are able to track full visitor statistics per job listing. Showing you the number of views, clicks, and applicants per listing. Power to you!

14. Clear pricing, no featured listings
While the website is currently free, there will be a fee for posting jobs in the future. As a wise man once said: “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product”. And that’s not our intention.
Now there are several ways of monetizing a website to take care of the recurring costs of running a platform like this. Ads are one of them, charging applicants a fee is another, and selling your data is a 3rd. We are going with option 4: To charge a fee to the employers.
The reason is quite simple: We don’t like ads, we think it’s unethical to charge a fee to someone who has just lost their job, and we’re obviously not going to sell your data.
In our market research, we found that job listings usually go for anywhere between $150 and $1200 per month per listing, we intend to offer listings on this website for a much better rate than that.
Furthermore, we don’t offer featured or highlighted listings. Every company, large or small budget, will have the same opportunities to advertise their jobs.

If you have made it all the way through this wall of text, then thank you for reading! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!