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When you are looking for a new job, do you search on “eDiscovery”, “e-Discovery”, “Litigation support”, or “Document review support”?
This is not me trying to tell you which term is factually correct (it’s still an ongoing debate if it’s “ediscovery” or “e-discovery”!), but trust me that the big job sites will not know the difference… Nothing more frustrating than realizing months too late that your dream job used a slightly different vocabulary than what you were searching for!
This is one of the many problem’s we’re trying to solve with eDiscovery.jobs

Our goal is simple: To let job seekers connect directly with eDiscovery employers in the most efficient manner.

I hear you thinking: “That’s nice but what does it mean?”
Well, it means:
1. Employers post jobs
2. You specify your region, your skills, or one of the other many filters
3. You find a job that you like and apply

No nonsense, no middlemen, no mandatory accounts, and absolutely no fee for applicants ever!
That’s it!

eDiscovery.jobs is part of the Fantastic jobs network, a group of Industry-leading international career platforms in several niches. All career platforms within the network, including eDiscovery.jobs, follow the same philosophy of finding jobs ridiculously easy while also putting emphasis on user data privacy and remote work. Please have a look at our ‘about us’ page where we go into more detail.

eDiscovery.jobs and the Fantastic jobs network are created by Remco Strijdonk, other projects from Remco include an informative website about portable air conditioners (mobiele airco in Dutch) and a web tool to calculate Dutch taxes on cryptocurrencies.
If you would like to exchange thoughts, please reach out to me on Linkedin or by using our contact form.

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