Forensic Configuration Tech

Elite ISI



The department’s supreme directive is to protect Elite’s Standard. We are the final step before a site can go live and are tasked with maintaining Elite’s standards and processes across all projects as well as maintaining an open line of communication with various departments. We operate Monday through Friday from 8:30AM – 5:00PM . 

 The Forensic Analysis Technician (F/A Tech) is responsible for identifying any concerns that the SOCC may have, such as slow internet, obstructions to camera views, and any other concerns that may inhibit the SOCC Agent from performing their duties and reporting them to their department manager. Additionally, the F/A Tech is also responsible for the configuration of the device analytics and supporting software to minimize noise, promote efficiency, and ensure that we never miss an event.  

The Department is responsible for identifying red flags and offering solutions during the Engineering and Installation phases of the process that could impact either their ability to configure the site for monitoring or the SOCC’s ability to affectively monitor it. We are also responsible for managing expectations. Additionally, the Forensic Analysis Technician may be tasked with the creation of Forensic Reports including site audits, detection maps, and scope of limitations. 


The department is also responsible for tracking appointments, aiming and configuring devices for monitoring, troubleshooting “go-live” concerns and adjusting post “go-live”. During the aiming appointment the F/A Tech is responsible for identifying red flags and/or changes to the original design. 

They are to escalate this to the Forensic Analysis Manger immediately for further action. 

After a site has gone live, the Forensic Team will perform audits to find opportunities for improvements (configuration/analytic adjustments, additional cameras/speakers, etc.). The Forensic Team will work alongside the Service Department to ensure that changes made after “go-live” meet Elite’s Standards.



Due to the crucial responsibilities of this department, it is imperative that that the F/A Technician be efficient in:

· Effective communication skills

                   All methods of communication – Verbal, Salesforce, MS Teams, and E-mails

· All methods of documentation – Smartsheet, Salesforce, etc. 

· Ability to navigate Microsoft Applications

· Ability to Navigate product Software

Job Overview
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