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About us

Agile Document Review was established to provide an agile and efficient alternative to legal document review services and “E-Discovery” technologies. We provide an attractive camaraderie work environment for individuals interested in developing work experiences in this emerging field. Our positions are full-time with competitive benefits. In addition, we offer training endorsed by some of the most popular law firms in the United States on the most common E-Discovery platforms, bulky legal practice management software, time billing, regulatory training, and professional development.

What are we seeking?

Agile Document Review is seeking law school graduates or licensed attorneys to work as E-Discovery Document Reviewers. The primary duty of an E-discovery document reviewer is to evaluate documents, review and analyze data to determine whether the records are relevant to a particular case. As a document reviewer, your responsibilities include finding and pointing out pertinent information that may lead to the content of the document being subject to discovery or necessary for a plaintiff’s successful claim. As projects and their needs vary within the company, document reviewers must be willing to speak English all day with a minimum of difficulty in a client-facing role, when required. They will also investigate the facts of specific plaintiff’s cases through direct contact and identify proof of elements through the use of legal educational training.

  • Juris Doctor from an ABA-accredited Law School.
  • Examine documents and records for cases with a high volume of documents from the discovery process.
  • Perform substantive document review on electronic discovery platforms.
  • Review and code documents for responsiveness, relevancy, confidentiality, issues, and privilege
  • Summarize, tab, highlight, chart, and collect certain documents or information gleaned from the documents.
  • Assist with the preparation of privilege and redaction logs and reports.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.
  • Create and manage reports.
  • Participate in special projects and other duties as assigned.
  • Must reside in Puerto Rico

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