Senior Paralegal

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Senior Paralegal

Education: Requires paralegal certificate, or JD, or currently attending an ABA-accredited law school, having completed at least one year of study.
At least two years of litigation paralegal experience required; trial experience very helpful.

Required Skills:
– At least one year of experience in automated litigation support.
– Requires sound working knowledge of federal and state court system, legal research procedures, and legal research resources.
– Requires excellent written and oral communication skills and thorough knowledge of legal research tools such as LEXIS and Westlaw.
– Must have hands-on familiarity with a variety of computer applications, including word processing, databases (such as document review and file management systems), spreadsheets, imaging, and hardware systems.
– Role also requires hands-on familiarity with ESI tools and knowledge of eDiscovery procedures and resources.
– Ability to consistently deliver highest quality work under extreme pressure will be very important

Preferred Skills: Prior Relativity document review experience highly preferred.

Day-to-day Responsibilities:
– Works under the direction of a Supervisory Paralegal or a Project Supervisor. Work products are reviewed prior to submission; however, often develops these products with minimal direct supervision other than written guidelines.
– In addition to functions performed by Paralegals, performs moderately complex legal research; synopsizes transcripts of hearings and oral arguments for attorney use; reviews case related materials and, for example, identifies potentially conflicting statements or areas requiring further investigation; writes preliminary drafts of simple legal memoranda and correspondence.
– Contact mostly with other Contractor staff, but occasional contact with trial staff may be required.
– Performs the following tasks while complying with established procedures: compiles, prepares, and summarizes relevant materials for use by attorneys in discovery and in preparation of motions, briefs and other legal documents; summarizes depositions and other transcripts; maintains case files; performs simple legal research; indexes, tracks and controls document discovery (including documents produced and received in discovery); indexes, tracks and exhibits and other materials at depositions and at trial.
– Prepares exhibit cross-references.
– Assists attorneys in courtroom.
– Reviews documents for relevance and privilege according to established guidelines and criteria.
– Other examples of the types of work to be performed include compilation of documents for FOIA, production requests, Congressional inquiries, etc.

Expected Deliverables: N/A

Job Overview
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