How to post a job listing on eDiscovery.jobs

Thank you for choosing eDiscovery.jobs as your recruiting platform!

Most of the job listing form is pretty straight forward, but we would like to highlight a couple of fields that might need some attention.

Posting a job

1. Got to eDiscovery.jobs/post-a-job

2. If this is the first time posting a job, please fill in your email address. We will use this to create an account. With this account, you can modify your job listings, view visitor statistics, and manage your packages and subscriptions

3. Fill in the job information, note that most of these are completely optional:

  • Job Title
  • Job Location
    Please use the format City, State (if applicable), Country.
    For example: New York City, NY, USA
  • Job Type
    Full Time, Part Time, Temporary, or Internship
  • Is this Job Remote?
    Here you will specify if the job is remote:
    – Remote | The job is 100% remote
    – Remote, Office available | The job can be remote, but an office is available if preferred
    – Work from home allowed | Working from home is allowed occasionally
  • Job Category:
    Specify one to three categories that apply for this job.
    We currently have the following job categories available
    Please let us know if you feel that a category is missing
01 – eDiscovery & Litigation Support Roles02. Legal and Review Roles
eDiscovery Consultancy (Full EDRM)Attorney
eDiscovery Data Analytics/ScienceDocument Review Management
eDiscovery Data CollectionsLegal Document Review
eDiscovery Data ProcessingParalegal
eDiscovery Graduate/Junior
eDiscovery Project Management
eDiscovery Review Management
eDiscovery Senior Management
Litigation Support
Trainee / Internship
03. IT / Engineering / Infrastructure roles04. Business Administration
Customer SupportHuman Resources
Database EngineeringSales
eDiscovery Infrastructure
Forensic Lab Management
Software Engineering
Systems Engineering
Technical Support
  • Job Qualification
  • Job Industry
  • Job Experience
  • Job Career level
  • Region:
    Please specify the region where the office is located, or where most of the work is done for remote jobs (time zone purposes)
  • Job Tags
    Tags are a way for you to describe the skills, certificates, and software/vendor experience you expect from your applicant.
    You can find all job tags in this post. Please leave a comment or send us a message using the contact form if anything is missing.
  • Hours of work per week
  • Job Salary.
  • What is the average amount of travel required in % of the workweek? For listings for frequent flyers, please specify here how much work is to be performed on the road.

4. Description. Use this field for the job description

5. Application email/URL. You have to choice of forwarding applicants to your website, or to use our application form:

We think that an extensive cover letter is not necessary anymore in 2020, and have created an alternative for every employer who chooses application by email form.
The applicant will be presented a minimal form, where they can fill in their personal information and the following optional field:

Describe your current/last role in max 3 sentences”

We believe that this description should suffice for any modern job application. But, like everything else on this website we like to give you options, so the applicant can add more information as he/she wishes.

The applicant can then upload an send along his/her resume. This is also completely optional, we want to give the applicant the option to start a conversation first.

The job application form

6. Closing date. Please choose the deadline for the job application.

7. Company details.
A company page is created with your first job listing, this company page will include all listings for this company and a variety of information which you can choose to share with applicants.
Other then the Company name are all fields optional, we do recommend uploading a logo.

8. Preview
Before posting, you have the chance to preview the job listing

9. Submit Listing
If you are satisfied with the preview, please click on Submit Listing to submit the job listing. The listing is now send to us for approval. We try to approve jobs within 24 hours.

10. Account creation
Your account is created automatically after submitting the listing, you will receive an email from which you can reset the password. Please give it a couple of minutes and check your junk mail!

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