DISCO Certification is finally here! Details Inside!

The long-awaited certification program from CS DISCO is launching this week. Four different certificates are now available for you to add to your resume: Review Management, Search & Review, Data Management, and Project Management. Make sure to check out our complete eDiscovery certification guide to discovery other industry certificates!

DISCO Search & Review Certification

Ready to prove that you can find any document, any time? Complete the Search & Review certification to show you know:

  • Core DISCO review functions 
  • Search and review strategies 
  • Document review best practices
  • Foundations of DISCO AI tag predictions

DISCO Review Management Certification

Are you the conductor when it comes to orchestrating all of the details to efficiently run a document review? This certification proves your mastery over:

  • Matter and review workflow management
  • DISCO AI and advanced optimization tactics
  • Search term reporting
  • Managing productions and exhibit sets

DISCO Data Management Certification

Would your colleagues describe you as a “data boss”? Do you love making sense of complex files and searching for needles in haystacks? This one’s for you. Topics include: 

  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Ingesting and remediating data
  • ECA and matter management
  • Producing documents and closing matters

DISCO Project Management Certification

Ready to flex your management muscles and strut your ultimate DISCO power user status? This comprehensive certification proves that you’re a heavyweight champ when it comes to:

  • Matter and review workflow management
  • Optimizing workflows and search shortcuts
  • Advanced search term reporting
  • Creating and leveraging privilege logs
For additional details, make sure to visit learn.csdisco.com!

Certificate overview

  • Pricing

  • Exam Setup

  • Exam Duration

  • Mandatory Training/Course

  • Recommended Prerequisites

  • Maintaining the certificate

  • Retake policy

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